How to delete Gmail account Permanently

Delete Gmail account permanently: Gmail is one of the most used systems to convey or transfer the data from one to one or one to many. People mostly have Gmail accounts to share the details are like document, files, data, pictures, etc among their contacts. In some instances, you need to delete your Gmail account permanently. You can deactivate your account for temporarily as well as delete it for permanently. Gmail account is used to share many aspects professionally and personally among the people. You can get high protection to safeguard your privacy with the password and username.

The possibility of the hacking password and user id is not easy from Gmail. So people believe Gmail much than any other email process. Gmail Sign up process is done with mobile number and personal details of an individual user. So hacking of Gmail account is possible only with the help of mobile number and password. Gmail also insists the account users keep the account password and official mobile number for Gmail account safe and secure from others. Even if you missed your mobile number, try to change it by login into your Gmail account and change it immediately.

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A Gmail account has the features of Google search, YouTube, play store, Google drive, calendar, translate photos and other apps for free along with your account. You can access these features anytime when in need. Once you newly create a Gmail account for the first time, you will be offered with specified storage space to keep your emails. You can also have the rights to block the unwanted email generators or senders whom you don’t know before. It also helps you to stay away from the spammers.

In certain circumstances, you will be pushed to delete your Gmail account permanently. You can delete your account permanently, before that you must know that deleted Gmail account won’t appear again. If you still have the reason to delete the Gmail account forever. Here we have listed few steps to delete the Gmail account permanently.

Steps to delete the Gmail account permanently

  1. Firstly go to the Gmail account login page and log in with your account.
  2. Then go to the account settings from the homepage.
  3. Then click on the delete option from the settings.
  4. Now select the Gmail account you want to delete forever.
  5. Now enter the password to go further.
  6. Then click the options shown in box format.
  7. Now it will ask for a Gmail address to delete.
  8. Enter the Gmail address you want to delete.
  9. You will be requested to send a verification email from your account.
  10. Then you will get a link to delete your link forever.
  11. Now select, yes I want to delete option from the online page.
  12. Finally, click to confirm the delete process.

It’s important to note that once you deleted your Gmail account, you don’t have access to re-activate it. The messages and data stored on the Gmail account also deleted permanently. So keep a copy to avoid the misfortunes. Also, make alternatives to connect your existing contacts even after deleting your Gmail account. Emails sent from your contacts to your previous account will not allow. So beware of these things before deleting your Gmail account forever.


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